Meet Ria

I was born and raised right here, in Tauranga. To me, it's the most beautiful place in the world.

This is our home. This is where we raise our families and make memories, where we build our careers and livelihoods, where we study and learn, where we create and use our imaginations, and where we play.

My vision is to take Tauranga into a fresh, exciting direction. A direction that sees us become a more connected, inclusive, and understanding community that thrives.

A direction that focuses on sustainable solutions for our infrastructure including roading and public transport, and ensuring local businesses continue to grow and prosper.

A direction where the arts are championed and resourced, where housing is made a priority, and where all people feel safe.

A direction that empowers us to care for our environment so we can enjoy the beauty of our place now and for generations to come.

This is legacy building.

Because we all deserve to live good lives.

Together, we have the vision, the energy, and the ambition to make that future a reality and I want to drive that for us all.

That is why I am running for Mayor of Tauranga.